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Simple metal detector

Simple and reliable metal detector If you have lost the ring, key, screwdriver … and you know the approximate place of loss, then do not despair! You can assemble a Simple metal detector with your own hands or ask a radio amateur friend  to assemble it. Below is a diagram of an easy diy and old metal detector that  can …

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GOLDEN MASK 4 pro Welcome, dear readers , here we always try to collect more metal detectors that can be assembled at home, and publish useful information for metal detectors and exchange useful things. I found a new and good review to make a new modification of the metal detector called the Golden Mask Pro 4. We will publish here …

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Coil DD for induction balance metal detectors

Building the search DD coil for Induction Balance metal detectors The name of this Coil DD comes from the similarity between its two  parts (the receiver and sender coils) and each coil takes the form of the capital letter D, meaning that it consists of two coils (double) similar to the letter D. The layout of the components can be …

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The simplest frequency meter

This is probably the simplest frequency meter built on the ATtiny2313 microcontroller . It allows you to measure frequencies up to 10 MHz in four automatically switched ranges. The smallest range has a resolution of 1 Hz. Frequency counter specifications Band 1: 9.999 kHz, resolution 1 Hz. Band 2: 99.99 kHz, resolution up to 10 Hz. Band 3: 999.9 kHz, resolution up to 100 Hz. Band 4: …

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In the world of radio amateurs, especially during repairs and building a new devices, you should have a device for measuring of capacitance and inductance, this device is called LC meter. Today, on the Internet, you can find many schemes of such devices, complex and very expansive. But you can create your own   LC meter. Almost all LC meter …

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