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Tesoro Golden Sabre Light “TGSL”

Tesoro Golden Sabre Light TLSL. The goal of this post is to consolidate some of the material from the extremely popular “Tesoro Golden Sabre Light TLSL” threads on the forums with hopes that it will encourage others to undertake this project and build confidence that could lead to a successful project. While many have successfully completed this project, it is …

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PI polonese AFRICA V4

In this post, we will discuss the famous Metal detector PI Polonese (PI polonese AFRICA V4). The original device has been modified so that some parts have been removed and others have been merged. The important changes are: 1- Remove LF357 and uA741 and are replaced by TL074. 2- The mosfet BF254 is replaced by Transistor BC337 3- The coil …

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Here you find how to make a classic LED bar (strip) voltmeter without using any microcircuits and MK. It turned out to be quite successful. The circuit consists of several electronic elements, which everyone has in the bins. Further, the electrical circuit of the simplest voltage indicator in the form of a LED bar. Schematic diagram of LED-V-meter If you …

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Arduino HDD Motor Driving

Old-style hard drives (not SSDs) use very good brushless BLDC motors. And it often happens that the propeller itself has burned out, but the engine works fine and it is a pity to throw it out. Brushless motors are more durable than conventional brushed motors because they do not have a commutator – brush commutator. The Arduino outputs power the …

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Android Bluetooth RGB controller LED strip

Using the device, you can remotely android control RGB LED strip (or RGB LEDs) via any Android device with an integrated Bluetooth module. A distinctive feature of this project is the simplicity of the hardware and software part of the system, which includes a Bluetooth controller, a portable Android device with an installed application (smartphone, tablet) that functions as a …

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