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SurfPI Pro metal detector

Pulsed metal detector White Surf PI Pro, which is used for underwater search by professional. Fully sealed to a depth of 30 m. Successfully working in sea water and on highly mineralized soil. Metal detector White Surfpi is also well suited for ground search in wet sand. It has a custom sound threshold to achieve the greatest depth of search …

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FelezJoo Discrimination Fix

After a few months of research for the problems of discrimination and “Coil Error” in the Felezjoo PI, I finally find a temporary solution that can make the device more useful. this problem is often encountered when the components used do not match the detailed description given by the developer of FelezJoo. Since the source code is not available, it …

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Hammerhead PI metal detector

“Hammerhead” is a pulse induction (PI) metal detector design. It is intended primarily as a learning platform for experimenters, and as a base design on which to expand. This design is very much like other commercial PI detectors, which tend to have similar circuit designs, so it has the potential for good performance.This project includes a layout for a simple …

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Toner Transfer PCB method

In this article I will describe the laser Print -iron method  for the production of printed circuit boards PCB, which I myself have been using for quite some time. This method is described on many sites, but since you can already read on my site right here. Toner transfer method Step  1. Draw a board on the computer. You can …

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VINTIK-PI V1 metal detector

It is designed to search for larger metal objects at a deep depth. Today, in the article we will examine the “VINTIK-PI Version 1” pulse Induction  metal detector based on three ICs, designed to search for small metal objects. It is more complicated than the original version. The previous one, especially its setting for maximum sensitivity, but the circuit does not …

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