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Admiral Wave metal detector.

The Admiral Wave is a metal detector produced by Treasure Products, a company that specializes in metal detecting equipment. The Admiral Wave is designed for use by both beginner and experienced treasure hunters and is marketed as a versatile, all-purpose detector.

One of the main features of the Admiral Wave is its ability to detect a wide variety of metals, including gold, silver, copper, and aluminum. It also has a discrimination mode that allows the user to filter out unwanted metals and focus on finding specific types of metal.

The Admiral Wave has a waterproof search coil that allows it to be used in shallow water, making it suitable for beachcombing and other water-based treasure hunting activities. It also has an adjustable sensitivity control and volume control, allowing the user to customize the settings to their specific needs.

The Admiral Wave comes with a lightweight and ergonomic design, making it easy to use for extended periods of time. It also has a large, easy-to-read LCD display that displays information about the type of metal detected, the depth of the object, and the battery level.

Overall, the Admiral Wave is a solid metal detector for both beginners and experienced treasure hunters. Its versatility, waterproof design, and customizable settings make it a good option for those looking for an all-purpose detector at an affordable price.

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