Pinpointer Based PIC12F675 Microcontroller

Pinpointer Microcontroller PIC12F675 Based

The time spent  to locate the small objects detected by a metal detector (pulsed metal detectors), especially in low lighting conditions and sometimes when searching at night, can be a loss time which can spend for searching   another target. The Pinpointer Pinpointer PIC12F675  indicator described in this post uses for precise purposes for the location of the detected metal.

جهاز تحديد الهدف 12F675 Pinpointer Such devices have been sold for at least 20 years, but little development or improvement has been made to the original version. This type of device was a home-made project, assembled by hobbyists, usually made from parts taken from electronics stores. This  device is used to detect nails, pipes or wires in walls and floor.

This indicator is a home project with discrimination function, and you do not need any knowledge in electronics to build this small device, and if you have some knowledge may help you more. To build this indicator you will need the following parts.

  • Printed circuit board PCB
  • 12F675 microcontroller pre-programmed.
  • Piece of ferrite rod: diameter 10mm and length 50mm
  • A piece of plastic pipe diameter 22 mm and length 150 mm
  • Plastic or aluminum tray dimensions of about 120 mm x 65 mm x 40 mm
  • Small speaker 40-50 mm 8 ohms
  • On / Off switch
  • Switch button
  • Some copper wires with a diameter of 0.25, 0.31 or 0.4 mm with a enough length  to make about 100 cycles on the ferrite rod.
  • a battery 

The ferrite rod is a black material that can usually be purchased from electronic / radio component stores. You only need 50 mm, so you will have to cut it with a saw blade. Sometimes its shape is square with dimensions of 6 x 12 mm, and this also works well.

Copper wires can also be purchased from suppliers of electronic components. You need about 2-3 meters of wire. Wires covered with insulated plastic but must be very thin as it is positioned above. If you can not find a small the length of  wire, some meters  removed from an old transformer would be ideal.

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