The development of electronics goes at a rapid pace, and increasingly the main element of a device is a micro-controller. It performs the main work and frees the designer from the need to create sophisticated circuit solutions, thereby reducing the size of the printed circuit board to a minimum. As everyone knows, the micro-controller is controlled by a program recorded in its internal memory. And if an experienced electronic programmer doesn’t have problems using micro-controllers in his devices, then for a beginner metal detectors amateur trying to write their  programs to a micro-controller (especially a AVR or PIC) can turn into a big disappointment, and sometimes a small pyrotechnic show in the form of a fuming microchip.

Oddly enough, but with all the greatness of the Internet there is very little information about the firmware of PIC and AVR Micro-controllers, and the necessary material and parts that can be found easily. Of course, you can buy a  programmer for an inadequate price and sew as much as you like, but what to do if a person is not engaged in mass production. For these purposes, you can assemble a simple and inexpensive programmers, as  JDM programmer,  Serial avr programmer, Parallel programmer, usbasp programmer …et.

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