USBTiny-MkII SLIM programmer (AVRISP-MKII clone) supports all Attiny, Atmega, and Xmega µcontrollers. It has three programming interfaces: ISP, PDI, and TPI. It works with AvrStudio or AvrDude. Small convenient board, contains double direction voltage translator for all interfaces and working from 1,2V, jumper for target chip voltage selection 5V or 3,3V (LDO stabilizer), and status LEDs. The heart of the device is a AT90USB162 controller with hardware USB, so it can provide fast programming speeds.
Following are the files for the custom PCB that i have made for the programmer:

The full schematic,code,etc are downloadable below:

Eagle 5.10 files: PCB, SCH, and alternative PDFs for 1.1 version; compiled HEX file with toggle function and full C source code –130303 version, help files:

LIBUSB drivers:

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