Clone PI-AVR Menu

•The MENU includes 6 options.
• 1) VOLUME.
Here we adjust the volume of the audio signal to levels 0 to 7.
• 2) LIGHT
•Here we select the backlight (ON -OFF) for night mode.
 set the minimum voltage that the device can operate. for a 12 volt battery, set the setting to 10.5 volts.
         select the coil adjustment on the machine.
AUTO = the device automatically adjusts the coil with the head in the air and away from metallic objects, puts the device into operation and when it is finished the setting shows a number for 2 seconds. this number should be as small as possible and below 15 for a good fit.
• LAST = during startup selects the last choke selection and displays the number.
• 2..4..6 … 8 …. 10 ………. In the third option, we choose a number and change the coil adjustment. I have noticed that we have better results if we let the device automatically adjust the coil and after seeing in which number it stopped selecting us after our second 3 digits bigger. if it stops at 8, we can select the 10 through the menu and there works with greater sensitivity.
• adjusts the sensitivity of the device according to soil composition. It has the sub-selections.
• ADAPTIVE constantly adjusts and adjusts the machine according to soil and its content
• FIXING = keeps the setting in a medium price
• OF (STATIC) = no adjustment. pressing the RESET switch makes no changes.
• we select with how many different tones the depth or the size of the object will show. has subelements 1 for a fixed 1/2 …. 1/4 …. 1/8 …. 1/16 ….. 1/32. suggest option 1/8.
• On the front panel there are 4 keys with dual function depending on whether we are in the menu or not. = Menu / esc … up / + … .down / – … .ok / reset.
• The menu is pressed to enter the menu options and when we want to go out (esc). With the + and – keys, we change the line – we go or we go down. And with ok we validate our choice when we are not in the menu this button makes a reset.
With the up and down keys at any time we can set the barrier . from what signal level and after that, sound will start to sound. From 1 to 16. we select as small as possible.

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  1. Greetings,

    I bought one of these testers from ebay from Ukraine. I adjusted Guard Internal to the third option as described above. let it go though auto detect coil, then select two numbers higher. Now it is stuck in this 3rd Guard Internal selection and I cannot get it to set bact to Auto to search the bigger coil. When I go to the Guard Internal menu now all I can only change the number. I cannot select the other options. How can I reset Ground Internal back to auto? Is there a way to reset the program?

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