Clone PI-AVR Menu

•The MENU includes 6 options.
• 1) VOLUME.
Here we adjust the volume of the audio signal to levels 0 to 7.
• 2) LIGHT
•Here we select the backlight (ON -OFF) for night mode.
 set the minimum voltage that the device can operate. for a 12 volt battery, set the setting to 10.5 volts.
         select the coil adjustment on the machine.
AUTO = the device automatically adjusts the coil with the head in the air and away from metallic objects, puts the device into operation and when it is finished the setting shows a number for 2 seconds. this number should be as small as possible and below 15 for a good fit.
• LAST = during startup selects the last choke selection and displays the number.
• 2..4..6 … 8 …. 10 ………. In the third option, we choose a number and change the coil adjustment. I have noticed that we have better results if we let the device automatically adjust the coil and after seeing in which number it stopped selecting us after our second 3 digits bigger. if it stops at 8, we can select the 10 through the menu and there works with greater sensitivity.
• adjusts the sensitivity of the device according to soil composition. It has the sub-selections.
• ADAPTIVE constantly adjusts and adjusts the machine according to soil and its content
• FIXING = keeps the setting in a medium price
• OF (STATIC) = no adjustment. pressing the RESET switch makes no changes.
• we select with how many different tones the depth or the size of the object will show. has subelements 1 for a fixed 1/2 …. 1/4 …. 1/8 …. 1/16 ….. 1/32. suggest option 1/8.
• On the front panel there are 4 keys with dual function depending on whether we are in the menu or not. = Menu / esc … up / + … .down / – … .ok / reset.
• The menu is pressed to enter the menu options and when we want to go out (esc). With the + and – keys, we change the line – we go or we go down. And with ok we validate our choice when we are not in the menu this button makes a reset.
With the up and down keys at any time we can set the barrier . from what signal level and after that, sound will start to sound. From 1 to 16. we select as small as possible.

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