Clone PI-AVR Schematic


  1. So where is the source code !?

  2. Hello
    What is the difference between these three schematics?
    Does this circuit really work and practical?
    Thank for your generosity.

    • wp_ahcene

      Hello, there is only one schematic diagram for Clone pi-avr metal detector based on CD4066 IC. The second schematic is the same but with voltage values for working assembled device.
      This circuit is fully working and you can find many video on Youtube.

  3. Hi, would it be possible to develop a phone app and a device to sweep say. Bluetooth would be beautiful. Might be possible to make it waterproof, cheaper, lighter. the world knows you folks have programmers that can do that in their sleep. I think most of the parts are already made, you just need the Bluetooth.
    Or do something like split the wand in half and put it on shoes connected to Bluetooth. I would pay 200 Canadian right now.

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