Clone PI-W Metal Detector

The PI-W clone is a simplified and cheaper version of the Clone PI-AVR Pulsed Metal Detector (MD micro-ontroller) (which has a two-line LCD screen).

The design of the metal clone (or, as it is also called, the Elephant) came out so successful that rumor spread far beyond the borders of our country and the device deservedly gained international fame. I came across videos on YouTube, laid out by radio amateurs of Greece, England, Germany and other European countries.

The main advantage of this unit is that, despite its excellent characteristics, its design is so simple that even a beginner is able to assemble it. Properly assembled circuit starts working immediately, the setting is to adjust one single trimmer resistor. You can even do without an oscilloscope!

The only difficulty for beginners is the need for firmware microcontroller programming. But do not worry: for installing this 28-foot Scolopendra, any computer with a COM port and the simplest scheme is literally made of several elements (more on this later).
But after overcoming all the difficulties, you will have a device that can detect a nail weave at the depth of the bayonet (with a 20-centimeter coil). Soviet 5 kopecks in our heavy soil – at a depth of 25 cm, my 3-gram dressing by air – 22 cm (flat) and – 10 cm (edge). About krupnyak generally silent – the heating battery 170 cm in the air.

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