FelezJoo PI Download files

Sprint-Layout 6.0

Sprint-Layout (FelezJoo) – this software is getting more and more famous. If you need a software to design your PCB’s easy and fast, you can’t get away from Sprint-Layout! Many thousand satisfied users can’t be mistaken. Sprint-Layout with its marvellous handling is simply unbeatable! There isn´t any “ballast” making it difficult to keep the overview. The logical and understandable structure of Sprint-Layout is very easy to learn. You can concentrate to the essential thing: The optimized PCB design. You can design the PCB as you like for FelezJoo PI.

FelezJoo PI Download files

Download PCBs with Sprint-Layout 6.0

Download Hex Files for Atmega328p

Download Hex Burner Program AVRDUDESS

How to use AVRDUDESS

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  1. Hello how are you, thank you very much site, i have not been able to downloadl felezjoo files, especially hex without counter, email me all if possible in zip format.

  2. Engineer, the sleeping potentiometer you put in instead of the resistor R13, how much and why it is embedded.
    And what can be done to reduce input noise to the source base?

  3. Hello irony speaks foot England
    I need hex file to build this circuit but Don can download. How to download this file

  4. Hi,
    Can not download,The links you provided is invalid & only contain a lot of annoying popup and ads,Please leave a valid link.Thanks.

  5. All download links refer to “Untitled_4.zip” that contain a photo from Dubai city!

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