PIM-2 Pulse Metal Detector

The metal detector PIM-2 is a digital version of the analog pulsed MD Delta Pulse developed and commercialized by LugaTek Turkey (LugaTek). PIM-2 differs in that instead of regulators it has a microprocessor, which controls the device, the parameters for which are set in the menu.

PIM-2 Pulse Metal Detector

The device is designed to search for large and medium targets at medium and deep water. Depending on the type of objects we are looking for, the appropriate type of coil is selected. This device is recommended for a cop on the war, the search for a large artifacts from different eras.

ATTENTION!!! MD does not have the function of discrimination (the ability to discriminate between metals). The search is based on the principle “we are looking for all types of metals at the same time”. Deep MD is used to search for large targets at great depths (more than a meter).

Average sensitivity with square coil of 1.65m

  • helmet school-39 = 2.1-2.2m
  • 50g coffee cans = 1.1-1.3m

Average sensitivity with a “ring” coil with a diameter of 40cm

  • helmet school-39 = 1.1-1.2m
  • coffee can 50g  = 0.7-0.9m

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