Pulse Induction Metal Detectors

Pulse metal detector Tiny

Pulsdetektor Tiny

Tiny was built into a small plastic case. The batteries can be found in the cover. There is no loudspeaker at all. Possibly a beeper would still fit. The narrow layout was chosen because Tiny is also the ideal underwater detector thanks to its one-button operation. The circuit fits well into a plastic tube that can be screwed on.

Part List:

Danger! R35 is the Q2 base to collector resistance. Accidentally labeled R5 in the assembly and circuit diagrams.

Miscellaneous Zero-ohm resistors or jumpers. All black resistors on the assembly plan are zero ohms or wire bridges. Please don’t forget the jumpers under U1,U6,U5,U8. BNC panel socket + plug for coil Jack socket for speakers or headphones NC battery 10 cells (12V) with charging socket button for pot case? The coil connection does not need to be installed in isolation, because with PMos the coil mass is also the mass of the system! Transistor Q1 is available from Farnell under stock no. 707983



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