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Radar prototype using ultrasonic sensors and Arduino

In this article, we use the Arduino development board and ultrasonic sensor to design a radar model for detection and ranging. RADAR is an object detection system that uses radio waves to identify the range, height, direction, and speed of objects. The radio wave pulses emitted by the radar antenna will be reflected from any object in its path. The object returns a …

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Pirate PI Pulse metal detector

Pirat – stands for:  PI – means a pulse metal detector, and RAT – author’s site: “radioscot” . This metal detector has won the glory of a simple and inexpensive instrument, a small number of accessible, not scarce parts, with proper assembly and serviceable parts, the instrument works immediately, with almost no settings. If we compare with the simple scheme …

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Pulse metal detector “Pirate”

Pulse metal detector "Pirate"

    Pulse metal detector “Pirate” Recently, such an activity as the search for various old coins, household items, and just metal trinkets in the ground with the help of a metal detector is gaining great popularity. In fact, what could be better than walking in the morning across the field, breathing in the scents of nature, enjoying the views. And if …

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Arduino Digital Multimeter

Arduino Digital Multimeter Premium version 2.0.0 added The new version 2.0.0 supports USB connection with OTG cable. For more information press the button “go to version 2.0.0”. Go to v 2.0.0 Discription Arduino Multimeter is a project based on an Arduino microcontroller and a smartphone.  It is easy to do and does not require many components. Just follow the tutorials …

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