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Simple DIY Projects

The simplest frequency meter

This is probably the simplest frequency meter built on the ATtiny2313 microcontroller . It allows you to measure frequencies up to 10 MHz in four automatically switched ranges. The smallest range has a resolution of 1 Hz. Frequency counter specifications Band 1: 9.999 kHz, resolution 1 Hz. Band 2: 99.99 kHz, resolution up to 10 Hz. Band 3: 999.9 kHz, resolution up to 100 Hz. Band 4: …

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In the world of radio amateurs, especially during repairs and building a new devices, you should have a device for measuring of capacitance and inductance, this device is called LC meter. Today, on the Internet, you can find many schemes of such devices, complex and very expansive. But you can create your own   LC meter. Almost all LC meter …

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Capacitor ESR measurement circuit (NE555)

Capacitors work without problems, but sometimes they encounter power failures or malfunctions. If the problem is noise, then there is a simple solution, just add more capacitors. But if that doesn’t work out, what went wrong? The root of the problem is that we take capacitors for granted as ideal devices, but they are not. These unexpected results are due to internal resistance, or equivalent …

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LM2596 regulated power supply

Considering that the efficiency of the LM317 regulator is low and the heat generation is important, it is intended to make a new adjustable regulated power supply . When you search on the website, You will find  many adjustable voltage regulators use LM2596 IC. Switching power supply, high conversion efficiency (more than 85%), small heat generation (heat is basically not sensed when …

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DIY simple obstacle avoiding car (diagram and source code)

DIY simple obstacle avoiding car This simple obstacle avoiding car uses ultrasonic waves for distance measurement and determines the direction of the car according to the measured distance. Simplified handling of obstacles avoiding, as long as there are obstacles, turn right. To save costs, only one ultrasonic wave module, so only objects in front of the obstacles avoiding. The car  …

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