FelezJoo PI Metal Detector

This metal detector (FelezJoo PI) is very simple and powerful and I think it is the best system that has ever been given for free to the public.
It is appropriate here to thank the designer (Mr. Hamid from iran).
Then I put the necessary files to build the metal detector and give explanations about it.
The designer of this great system, to avoid unwanted effects caused by the parts and hardware as well as to reduce the size of the system and making it easy for most users, as well as those who have little knowledge of electronics, small parts used .Instead, with an accurate and professional programming, all features are included in the scheme and applied digital.

FelezJoo PI Metal Detector

FelezJoo_PI assembly
FelezJoo_PI Programming
FelezJoo PI System settings
FelezJoo_PI Air Test
FelezJoo_PI Ground Test
FelezJoo_PI Download files

Features :

● Sensitivity
● Frequency regulation
● Adjustable pulse width
● delay
● Contrast adjustment
● Adjustable back light
● Sound setting
● Change the type of sound
● Iron reject
● Target ID (The numerical separation of various metals)
● Automatic Balance
● Debug
● Integ.W ( Set the interval integrator)
● Adapting to the ground(Self Adjusting Threshold)
● Set the speed sensing

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