Pulse Induction Metal Detectors

Pulse detector Minipuls-3

Pulsdetektor Minipuls-3 Minipuls-3 is the highlight of the Minipuls series. This detector is analog/digital hermaphrodite. However, it can be expanded to digital 10-bit signal processing with extended software and a minimal board change. An AT90S4433 takes over the pulse, touch and display control. The display is via a 16×2 LCD in 4-bit mode. The average supply voltage is 12V/DC. Depending …

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Pulse metal detector Tiny

Pulsdetektor Tiny Tiny was built into a small plastic case. The batteries can be found in the cover. There is no loudspeaker at all. Possibly a beeper would still fit. The narrow layout was chosen because Tiny is also the ideal underwater detector thanks to its one-button operation. The circuit fits well into a plastic tube that can be screwed …

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DIY Metal Detector based Arduino

DIY Metal Detector based Arduino Nano Metal detector, sounds a bit high-end, below we just use an Arduino, 10 meters of copper wire, a 100 ohm resistor and a passive buzzer to make it. Detectors can be designed in various sizes and shapes as needed, the difference being the fabrication of the coils. It is still useful to make a small …

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Arduino Nano Metal Detector

Arduino Metal Detector A metal detector is a safety device that detects potentially harmful metals. Previously we have made very simple metal detectors without microcontroller , now we are building metal detectors using Arduino . In this project we will use coils and capacitors to detect metals. Here we have used Arduino Nano to build this metal detector project . This is a very interesting project for all electronics hobbyists. The buzzer will beep very quickly …

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Metal detector on Arduino Pro Mini

Metal detector on Arduino Pro Mini Reworking of the Kolokolov-Shchedrin deep-well scheme. Differences from the original circuit: 1. There is NO quartz oscillator on the k561 chip .. and quartz at 32 kHz. The 32 kHz signal is given by the Arduino Pro Mini. 2. Sound notification circuits on several microcircuits of the 561 series are also not present – Arduino also …

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SIMPLE METAL DETECTOR WITH DISCRIMINATION The Pirate and other similar impulses are good for everyone – high repeatability, simplicity of the circuit, good parameters. But something is missing, for example, discrim – the ability to distinguish between non-ferrous metals and iron. Therefore, 15 years later, wanting to give a metal detector to his 8-year-old son (for the sake of joining this most interesting business), …

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Pirate PI Pulse metal detector


Pirat – stands for:  PI – means a pulse metal detector, and RAT – author’s site: “radioscot” . This metal detector has won the glory of a simple and inexpensive instrument, a small number of accessible, not scarce parts, with proper assembly and serviceable parts, the instrument works immediately, with almost no settings. If we compare with the simple scheme …

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Pulse metal detector “Pirate”

Pulse metal detector "Pirate"

    Pulse metal detector “Pirate” Recently, such an activity as the search for various old coins, household items, and just metal trinkets in the ground with the help of a metal detector is gaining great popularity. In fact, what could be better than walking in the morning across the field, breathing in the scents of nature, enjoying the views. And if …

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Generalities about DIY metal detector

DIY metal detector A metal detector or metal locator is a device that locates metal containing objects in a dielectric or low conductive array. The device helps to detect various metal bodies in the ground, an array of building envelopes and structures, and in the depths of the ground at the bottom of reservoirs. A branded device is quite expensive. …

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Pulse PI-AR metal detector based on STM32f1

Pulse PI-AR metal detector based on stm32f103c8t6 microcontroller. The name is taken from the words PI – pulse principle of operation, AR – abbreviated from ARM microcontroller. The software is developed in the Arduino environment. Metal detector parameters, coin detection by air, 25 mm to 25 cm, large objects up to 200 cm. The schematic diagram is shown in Fig. The principle of operation is the same as …

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