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Pulse Induction Metal Detectors

SurfPI Pro metal detector


Pulsed metal detector White Surf PI Pro, which is used for underwater search by professional. Fully sealed to a depth of 30 m. Successfully working in sea water and on highly mineralized soil. Metal detector White Surfpi is also well suited for ground search in wet sand. It has a custom sound threshold to achieve the greatest depth of search …

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FelezJoo Discrimination Fix

After a few months of research for the problems of discrimination and “Coil Error” in the Felezjoo PI, I finally find a temporary solution that can make the device more useful. this problem is often encountered when the components used do not match the detailed description given by the developer of FelezJoo. Since the source code is not available, it …

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Hammerhead PI metal detector

“Hammerhead” is a pulse induction (PI) metal detector design. It is intended primarily as a learning platform for experimenters, and as a base design on which to expand. This design is very much like other commercial PI detectors, which tend to have similar circuit designs, so it has the potential for good performance.This project includes a layout for a simple …

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Tracker PI-2 metal detector

The microcontroller-based pulse induction metal detector Tracker PI appeared on the market back in 2003, and immediately gained immense popularity among users. Then the circuit received some improvements, and several versions of firmware were released including and deep and from the “first Tracer” appeared Tracker PI-2, Koschey 2I and Koschey 4IG. Koschey 2And this is a commercial metal detector (its …

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Terminator-3 metal detector

Terminator 3 is a coin searching metal detector that operates according to the induction balance principle (IB). The “Terminator-3” scheme was developed based on the Tesoro metal detector. However, there are significant differences from these metal detectors, both in its work principle, in the process of its manufacture or configuration.The main advantage of the Terminator-3 metal detector is the ability …

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Chance PI assembling

The “Chance PI” metal detector uses the 1602 LCD display. We will connect the display to the microcontroller on the board via a 4-bit parallel interface. I will reproduce part of the scheme with the connection of the display. You can use a cable from the HDD drive as the wires for connecting the display, its pin header just went …

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Chance PI download files

Chance PI PCB for DIP version (Sprint Layout 6) Chance PI PCB with MCP3201 SMD (Sprint Layout 6) Chance PI PCB for Keyboard (Sprint Layout 6) Chance PI PCB SMD version MCU-DIP (Sprint Layout 6) Chance PI schematic and information Chance PI firmawre v0.22 Chance PI firmawre v0.4 Chance PI firmawre v0.7 Chance PI firmawre v0.8 Chance PI firmawre v0.82 …

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Chance PI programming

We continue to build “Chance”, after all the parts are soldered to the board, it’s time to start programming the microcontroller. In this article we will show how to program ATmega8 in-circuit. The material will be useful for all who need to program ATmega8, in any of their designs. Board with soldered  parts. Only the microcontroller is inserted in the …

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Chance PI PCBs

Chance PI PCB for DIP Version (Sprint Layout 6): Download Chance PI PCB for SMD Version (Sprint Layout 6) : Download Chance PI PCB for  keys (Sprint Layout 6): Download Chance PI PCB for DIP version (SMD MCP3201): Download

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