KROT2 Download files

KROT BCB Version Z79 


MD_KROT2_Key_Board _Z79 PCB


KROT PCB Version Z80 

KROT2_Z80_DIP PCB Layout



Partlist Z80 DIP Version 

Partlist Z80 SMD Version 

Firmware Files for KROT2

Firmware KROT2_v01A from 03/22/2013 , frequency ~ 8.5kGz 
Firmware KROT2_v02    from 03/15/2013 
Firmware KROT_v02A from 05/04/2013 Improved version 1A. 
Firmware MOLE v02B from 04/14/2013   Improved dir. “Statics”. (R10 ~ 1.5Kom, adjust R22 for comfortable search)   
Firmware KPOT v03   from 04/19/2013 Added adjustment modes “Volume” and “Contrast” other changes that improve the operation of the device 
Firmware KPOT v03A from 04.04.2013 Increased the initial volume of “weak signals. ” Added one more tone (third) to the voice of colored targets from 0 to 20 (foil). Other minor changes.  
Firmware KPOT v04 on 06/02/2013      Added pinpoiter 4th filter and so on ..  
firmware MOLE V05 on 31/08/2013 Added selection mode the number of voice tones. Added (approximate) depth indicator [_]. Improved “Gain” mode. 
  Changed to a more convenient order of the modes. Increased overall sensitivity. Other changes that improve the operation of the device. 
Firmware KPOT_V05A from 09/13/2013 Changed filters for working on different soils (1-3) 
FirmwareMOLE V06 from 04 10.2013 New and good firmware, especially on the ground. We put “Gain” 1 or 2. It is better to set the frequency from 8.0 to 8.5 kHz
FirmwareKROT_V06A  From 10/19/2013 Shell as in V06, filters are taken from V04 and improved. Optimally Gain = 1, Filter = 2. Although you can experiment .  
Firmware KROT_V08 From 03/01/2014   Anyway, almost all modes are improved, filters are changed – now there are three of them, the larger the number, the faster you can swing the coil. The fastest number 3, the deepest number 2. For the coil “mono” you can put the number 1. In short, experimenting. The optimal frequency is 7-8 kHz.  
Firmware MOLE V09   From 03/21/2014 New filters. Added profiles, switch when loading the buttons “+” and “-“.    
Firmware  MOLE V09SA From 04/20/2014 The volume control algorithm is changed, the filters are slightly changed, and other minor changes.
Firmware  MOLE V10 from 06/01/2014 Increased filter speed, other minor changes ..
Recommended search options Gein-2, thresholds-84, filter-2 . Work 
Firmware MOLE V11 from 08/24/2014  Big VDI and other improvements.
Firmware MOLE V11 ‘  dated 09/14/2014 Now you can roughly estimate the power amplifier of your amplifier. Button “0” when turned on. 
Firmware KROT “TURBO” from 11/09/2014        
Firmware Mole TURBO_3  from 01/14/2015 Added the function “SL”, select the dynamics of the voice acting volume (only in dynamic mode) by switching the button “0” in the mode “Volume” . Video mode ” TRESH ”     
Firmware  KPOT – TURBO +  from17. 04. 2015  Firmware for a device with frequencies from6 to 9 kHzwith increased sensitivity!         
Firmware  KPOT -TURBO4   from 04.19.2015 2015 Frequency 6-18 kHz . Added function “Battery discharge alarms” mode “Battery” button “0”, other improvements .. 
Firmware KPOT-TURBO5 from 05/30 .2015 Added interference suppression function dir. HPF (when searching to raise above 4 is not recommended) and “weight” gain control dir. GAIN , other minor improvements .. You may have to erase the EEPROM. This can be done by the program “Mole” by pressing the “0” “-” “+ ” when you turn on!

firmware MOLE – GAIN-S   from 07.21.2015. Frequencies 6-17kHz. Added: Hardware gain input signal gain mode (* 1, * 2, * 4 * 8) Amplitude cut of the “black” signals SX X = 0-9. Profiles are now in factory settings “Factory Settings” mode “Profil”. The profile name is edited with the button “0”. New profile takes effect after restarting the device. Enter the factory settings “+” and “-” when turned on. Added new filter F2 (deep for simple and medium soils). To switch to the firmware, you will have to correct the modes “Zero_Adc”, “tttery”, “Ferrite”. S22F2 (maximum sensitivity), Gain = * 2.0 (three bars). Power = 80-120mA, HPF = 2-4. AD8091 is better to replace with another op amp . KU ~ 70-100 (R10 ~ 1.2-820).      
firmware Mole – GAIN-SP from 29. 11.2015. Continuation of the firmware “GAIN-S”. The firmware appeared mode “Polyph.” (“Volume voice”) is selected in the “Beeps” menu.
Mode is not recommended for littered areas. Swapped and corrected filters 1 and 2,
Now the most long-range 1, it is for the most simple ground. Removed the “Zero_Adc” mode so “loved” by many ,
returned the manual setting “to the ground”. There was a function of cutting hot stones, discriminator mode mask “S”, recommended
set .
firmware K2-GAIN-SG   From  19 .01 2016  Added software gain for frequencies up to 8 kHz, changed filters, fixed bugs, other …
firmware  K2-GAIN-SM   From 02/18/2016    Selectable buildup TX, sine or square wave (Meander allows you to get more current for the same settings) “Power” button mode “0”, “ the S in” “ M eandr” Other minor improvements .. 
firmware  K2-GAIN-SGold   From 03/21/2016   new regime Gold “Ind + Au” on the site of the old “Indic”, to better highlight the low-conductive target (eg fine gold, nickel, other fines) against the background of soil and rubbish value ” selection is adjustable from 0 to 8. If 0, the function is disabled, with 8 the maximum selection. Recommended values ​​are 3-6. Now switch the size of the VDI button “0”.
firmware  K2-GAIN-S4   FromMay 1, 2016   CHRIST IS RISEN!    And the menu structure was changed, the “Trash” was corrected, the new first and second filters, hardware gain, and other improvements improve the operation of the device. Recommended KU> = 100; R10 = 620 *
firmware  K2-GAIN-S4 + From 05/29/2016 Continued S4 (for those who have capacitors in the sensors ..)) Adapted for low frequencies 6.0 – 8.3 kHz.  The scheme recommends changes in R9 = 3.3K, C25 = 4.7nF, C15 = 33nF.  The device will have to reconfigure.
firmware  K2-GAIN-S6   and   K2-GAIN-S6 + From 08/15/2016 New sounds, new “D + S” function – simultaneous operation of dynamics and statics and a lot of imperceptible things .. (+) for frequencies  5.0 – 8.0 kHz.       
firmware   K2-GAIN-S7     From 04/10/17 Increased sensitivity by 1 bit, now you can select the number of samples per period, menu “Power” button “0” (“16” for frequencies less than 8 kHz), increased accuracy of detuning from the ground to tenths of a degree , it became possible to create a backup copy for all “Ret “profiles, the program chooses a high- pass filter itself, depending on the “complexity” of the soil, other …  
firmware   K2-FAST-S4    From 07/11/2017 New Fast-fast modes and Fast + very fast. New filter suppression of impulse noise. Sample settings for “Fast” modes – Headphones, Volume <6, On +, Anl, Filtr-2, Poew> = 100mA, Gain-4. Other changes .. 

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