Clone PI-AVR metal detector

Clone PI-AVR Menu

•The MENU includes 6 options. • 1) VOLUME. Here we adjust the volume of the audio signal to levels 0 to 7. • 2) LIGHT •Here we select the backlight (ON -OFF) for night mode. • 3) V MIN BATTERY set the minimum voltage that the device can operate. for a 12 volt battery, set the setting to 10.5 volts. • …

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Clone PI-AVR Programming

Some years ago a have started building Clone PI AVR. Made a PCB, soldered all the components and … and never found time to finish it until today. Well I haven’t finished it yet but at lest gave it a first test run. For the screen and buttons i have re-purposed some front panel of some old router. Now i …

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Download PCB (Sprint Layout) Download the PCBs files with Sprint Layout PCB 1 (Sprint Layout) PCB 2 (Sprint Layout) PCB 3 (Sprint Layout) PCB 4 (Sprint Layout) PCB 5 (Sprint Layout) PCB 6 keys (Sprint Layout) PCB 7 keys (Sprint Layout) PCB 8 panel (Sprint Layout)

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Clone PI-AVR Parts List

Resistors Capacitors Diodes and Transistors ICs and Others R1 390 R2 20 R3 390 R4 10k R5 10k R6 1k R7 1k trimmer R8 1k R9 10k R10 10k R11 10k R12 10k R13 1k R14 2M4 R15 56k R16 10k R17 10k R18 R19 R20 3k R21 R22 R23 R24 R25 R26 R27 R28 10k R29 R30 20 R31 …

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Clone PI-AVR Metal Detector

Clone Pi AVR is a simplified and improved version, popular with the amateur radio detector Clone PI . Since the manufacture of the metal detector Clone PI, many had difficulty acquiring the ADC, the new version of the metal detector Clone AVR, the Peak controller and the external ADC were replaced with an available AVR microcontroller with an internal Atmega8 …

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