VINTIK-2 PI metal detector

VINTIK-PI V2 assembly

Solder the board with pure rosin or alcohol-rosin solution. After soldering with a toothbrush, wash off the rosin residues with alcohol. After installation MUST once again check the correctness of installation according to the diagram and PCB! If everything is soldered correctly, then the device works immediately. But you will have to adjust the maximum sensitivity with trimming resistors PR6 “gain 1st …

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VINTIK-PI V2 partlist

Transistors, ICs, diodes Qt Capacitors Qt Resistance Qt Other Qt TL074CN one 2200.0 x 25v one 470 (1W) 2 3.5 connector one NE555 3 100.0 x 16v 3 1MOhm one ON/Off one IRF740 one 22.0 x 16v one 470kOhm 2 Panel. 8 DIP 3 2N3906 one 10.0 x 16v one 100kOhm one Panel.14DIP one 2N3904 one 1.0 (105) one 56kOhm 3 …

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VINTIK-PI V2 schematic

Pulsed metal detector “VINTIK-PI” based on three ICs and four transistors, designed to search for small metal objects at great depths. The circuit does not contain any programmable micro-controller, and many parts are interchangeable. The scheme differs from the previous version: Added instead of the passive filter (R9-15, C8-10, see the previous version scheme) of the IC3-NE555 delay node on …

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VINTIK-PI V2 metal detector

 In this article we will consider the modified version of this metal detector –   VINTIK-PI (ver.2). (See the previous version VINTIK-PI V1) Pulsed  metal detector “VINTIK-PI” is assembled  on four chips, designed to search for small metal objects. It is not much more difficult than the previous version. The circuit also does not contain programmable microcircuits, and there are no expensive and scarce radio …

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