Chance PI metal detector

After a long search on the Internet, I stopped at Metal Detector Chance PI. Since it was made by the same author clone (Clone PI-W and Clone PI-AVR)  and is a kind of continuation of a series of devices Clone, the site of the author of Chance .

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Metal detector Chance PI is an impulse that has metal discrimination, whose work based on a microcontroller (AVR)  is selective. He came up with Andrei Fedorov, the author of the metal detectors of the clone series and laid out all the necessary information in open access. The author is experienced and developed this detector with all the best practices that he discovered when he developed the previous clones.

This device is more designed to search for rings, coins and other non-ferrous metals. The maximum depth reaches 1.3 meters, and with a deep coil a fantastic 2.5 meters.

Some depth characteristics of the metal detector Chance:

  • USSR 5 kopecks – 23 cm.
  • Bronze plaque – 37 cm.
  • Water bucket – 70 cm.

Features of  chance PI:

  • The principle of operation – pulse (PI).
  • Selectivity is present.
  • The sound is multi-tone.
  • Weight – 1.8 kg.
  • VDI is present.
  • Discrimination – 4 modes.
  • Detuning from the ground – is present.

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