Pinpointer G-NOME 

Pinpointer G-NOME  After reading interesting articles about  metal detectors, I found this pinpointer based on a small but intelligent microcontroller integrated with chip ATtiny15L .The device is called pinpointer “Gnome-M” and helps to locate the metal accurately. The basic characteristics  and electronic diagram Simple and easy to build Sensitivity: on a small metal piece 4-5 cm, large metal body – …

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Pinpointer KB_V3_VCO

Pinpointer KB_V3_VCO This Pinpointer KB_V3_VCO is a simple precision target location device that can be manufactured at home. It has one integrated circuit which is available in all stores and has many alternatives that can be found easily. It has a range of detection about 5 cm for a coin which is very suitable for searching on dust and sand. …

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Pinpointer MINIMAX-PP-II

Pinpointer MINIMAX-PP-II This device is a precise Pinpointer indicator for the exact location of the detected metal. The principle  working is very simple, for people looking for coins and small objects in the ground and  but can not buy a commercial pinpointer. This works well and many of its parts are available. In this post there is everything necessary to …

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  Pinpointer Based PIC12F675 Microcontroller

Pinpointer Microcontroller PIC12F675 Based The time spent  to locate the small objects detected by a metal detector (pulsed metal detectors), especially in low lighting conditions and sometimes when searching at night, can be a loss time which can spend for searching   another target. The Pinpointer Pinpointer PIC12F675  indicator described in this post uses for precise purposes for the location …

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Pinpointer FM-2 v2

Pinpointer FM-2 v2 In present post we show the method for building the most simple metal detector Pinpointer FM-2 V2. This Pinpointer based metal detector can be used by professionals to  pinpoint accuracy and can be made for children,   despite its important characteristics.This is probably the simplest metal detector can be collected by beginners.. May be heard or collected before, …

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Pinpointer Velleman k7102

 Pinpointer Velleman k7102  Drilling a hole in the walls with an electrical conductor or buried cable can turn into a real tragedy and serious consequences. If you are digging paths for gas, water or central heating pipes, it is also a big risk. But a very simple metal detector can solve this big problem. Velleman k7102 It is a very …

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