IDX Pro PI Metal Detector

Metal  Detector Whites IDX Pro  – is an analog metal detector operating on the basis of the IB induction balance principle. The device is characterized by its simplicity and reliability, occupies a worthy place among the soil metal detectors, intended both for the work of novice search engines, and for professional treasure hunters. The Whites IDX Pro  metal detector  with unique metal discrimination, has two modes of operation, static (non motion) and dynamic (motion), there is also an electronic pinpoint mode  .

   The metal detector has the ability to selectively discriminate, by cutting off metals from ferrous metals to copper, by adjusting with DISC potentiometer. Thanks to its low power consumption of a  lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 2200 mAh,  supplied with a metal detector, it lasts for  25 hours of continuous operation.

   The Whites IDX Pro metal detector is equipped with  a DD 30×32 cm coil operating at a  frequency of 6.6 kHz, which  allows it to show excellent results on ground of any complexity, including sand and salt marshes. Due to the high-quality multi-turn potentiometer, the device is completely accurate and easy to adjust to the ground. Also, the device has a stereo headphone jack.


The detector has four adjustment knobs and a pinpointer button. 

SENS control – the sensitivity of the detector is adjusted, and the instrument is turned on / off. 

The DISC regulator sets the discriminator in one of the provisions, excluding or accepting one or another type of metal.

Control THRESH  –  used for more precise adjustment of the background sound level.

The regulator GB (Ground Balance) – allows you to configure the metal detector so that it can accurately find metal objects, while not paying attention to the salinity of the soil.

PINPOINT button – this function is necessary to determine the exact location of the desired item.

  • Sensitivity:

  • 5 kopeck coin of the USSR, to a depth of ~ 30 cm (in the ground);
  • 15 kopeck coin USSR at ~ 25 cm (in the ground);
  • a can of beer at ~ 55 cm;
  • on average, the detection range by air = 25-35 cm per coin;
  • large metal objects up to 150 cm;
  • maximum depth (machine) – 2 meters;
  • cuts off nails and other debris. 

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