KROT2 PI Metal Detector

Technical characteristics :

●  Coin with a diameter of 25mm (air) up to 30 cm
●  Helmet 0.8m
●  Maximum up to 2.0m
●  Sound indication polyphonic selectable
●  LCD 16×2 visual indication
●  IB working principle
●  Search mode selective
●  Ring sensor or DD diameter 10-30 cm
●  The range of possible operating frequencies of 6-12kHz
●  Power supply 7.0-9V
●  Current consumption not more than 90 mA
●  The weight of constructive that in the photo on the left is 850 grams disassembled into two parts.

 Basic functionality

 * Operating modes: dynamic, static (pinpointer)
 * Selectable types of signal parameters
 display Display of the VDI numerical value and graphic indication of amplitude.
 Indication in the form of histograms – VDI and amplitude
 * Main sound indication 3-tone – color, black and overload
 * Selectable sound indication for color
 Changing the tone of the sound signal from VDI , sound discrimination
 Changing the volume of the sound signal, function of amplitude
 Multi- tone PWM
 * Voltage display power supply
 * Visual and audible overload indication.
 * Availability of discriminator: color -10 segmen in 10-gram increments.
Iron – 6 segments in increments of 20 grams.
 * Adjustment of sensitivity separately for “color” and “black” targets – from 0 to 9
 * The presence of manual detuning in statics and automatic (dynamic).
 * Cash backlight on
 * Availability of debug mode
 Digital frequency setting in the range of 6-12 kHz in increments of ~ 10 Hz
 Indication of X and Y values ​​and dХ dY for setting MD
 Selectable software phase shift in increments of 45 degrees. hardware – smoothly + -20 g
 * Convenient and intuitive interface.
 * Automatic recording of all settings in non-volatile memory
 * Easy setup for different IB sensors
 * Possibility to create a profile for a specific sensor. In total, you can create 4 profiles.

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