Clone PI-W metal detector

Clone PI-W files

PCB and Schematic files Firmwares PCB for Clone_PI-W.lay6 Schematic  ClonePI-W.pdf PCB for clone + PCB Keys.lay6 Clone_PI_W_Hex_Files.rar PCB For clone_PI-W.rar Schematic_ClonePI-W.rar PCB clone_pi-w_4066.lay6 PCB for key.lay PCB for key.lay6 PCB for switch.lay6 PCB for switch2.lay6 Clone PI_W_V125 Clone PI_W_V124 Clone PI_W_V122m

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Clone PI-W Buttons function

The purpose of the buttons does not depend on the firmware version. S1 “Barrier -” / “Guard interval-” S2 “Barrier +” / “Guard interval +” S3 “Volume -” / “Up min-” S4 “Volume +” / “Up min +” S5 Function not yet assigned. S6 “Zero” (0) S5 + S6 “Settings Mode” / “Exit Settings Mode” Barrier buttons : S1 – …

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Clone PI-W Assembling  

Assembling the metal detector Clone PI W do it yourself Assembling the metal detector, you should start by selecting the option of the printed circuit board. Since they have small differences in the components used. We recommend choosing a version from DexAlex , its breeding option for this and other metal detectors, we have proven ourselves very well. Then we …

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PI-W Partlist

To assemble Clone Pi W we need the following details : Microcontroller Atmega8-16PU (8A-16) – 1 pc chips CD4066 – 1pc TL074 or TL084 – 1pc Transistors IRF740 or IRF630 or IRF840 – 1 piece 2N5551 or S9014 – 4pcs 2N7000 – 1 pc Linear voltage 78L05 – 1 pc Adjustable zener TL431 – 1 pc Diodes 1N4148 – 2 …

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PI-W Schematic

There are three best and repeatedly proven schemes that differ only in key chips:● scheme with ADG444● circuit with КР590КН2 (differs from the first only in a printed circuit board);● circuit from CD4066 (4016).These schemes are 100% working, so no complaints about their inoperability are not accepted. If you have not earned something, then they themselves are to blame. Which …

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Clone PI-W Metal Detector

The PI-W clone is a simplified and cheaper version of the Clone PI-AVR Pulsed Metal Detector (MD micro-ontroller) (which has a two-line LCD screen). PI-W Schematic PI-W BCBs Clone PI-W Partlist Clone PI-W Assembling Clone PI-W PI Programming Clone PI-W Buttons function Clone PI-W Air Test Clone PI-W Ground Test Clone PI-W Download files The design of the metal clone …

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