Pirate PI assembly

Detailed step by step assembly (with photos) of the PIRAT metal detector

Insert the parts according to the attached instructions, scheme, placement  of the parts on the printed circuit board. Sockets for microcircuits , a headphone jack, fixed resistors horizontally, a hotspot resistor. The values ​​of fixed resistors can be determined by colored bans, and also to compare with the  multimeter.

The coil is wound on a mandrel of about 200 mm, it contains 25-30 turns of wire PEL, PETV, PEV F-0.5 – 0.7 mm. A pot of this size is suitable as a mandrel. It is better to wound the number of turns 30 and then decrease in the process of tuning, achieving maximum sensitivity. To do this, bring the coin to the coil and check with how many turns the coin will be “caught” from the greatest distance. In order that the coil had good strength and was attached to the rod, it can be wound, for example, on an embroidery frame.

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