Clone PI-W Assembling  

Assembling the metal detector Clone PI W do it yourself
Assembling the metal detector, you should start by selecting the option of the printed circuit board. Since they have small differences in the components used. We recommend choosing a version from DexAlex , its breeding option for this and other metal detectors, we have proven ourselves very well.
Then we buy the details. It is necessary to pay attention to the following components: it is better to use capacitors of ceramic, and even better film, it will positively affect the stability of work. The construction resistor should be of good quality and multi-turn, single-turn, cheap stand-on stands are not suitable here! TL431 and resistors in its piping also deserve increased attention and should be 100% quality.
We poison and collect the printed circuit board, flash the microcontroller and launch the metal detector. To power the Clone PI metal detector, you can use 8 finger batteries, or 12 batteries. “Krona” will not give! Also, when you first turn on the metal detector and configure it, you must use new batteries or a fully charged battery. On the power circuit, it is recommended to use a protective diode from “reverse polarity”, and a fuse, this will help protect your detector, from your negligence, especially during the stages of its assembly and testing!
If your metal detector did not work right away, then in troubleshooting, the stress map can help you – Voltage map clone pi -w

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